This VA is still broken

The former Chief of Medicine from the VA Central Western Massachusett who was dying decided to become a whistleblower. Of course, this leads to a lot of blowback from the VA.  A lot of denials. A LOT!

I am so thankful that this doctor dared to try and fix the VA.

My experience with the mental health at the VA in Springfield was inaccurate medical reports which were part of the reason my Social Security Disability Insurance (ssdi) claim was denied. My claims did not match up with the mental health reports.  Which I noticed they were wrong when it was too late.

Also, for whatever reason the kiosk to check in was broken. This kiosk was perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like talking to people. Last year when I had my other counselor, I never had a problem using it to check in. I rarely had to use the receptionist if ever. They did have a sign on it saying it didn’t work but I just ignored the sign. I had been using the kiosk since 2013 when they first came out. I know some people don’t sign incorrectly or to the correct clinic.

Also, I requested being scene every week which neither mental health provider could do. They didn’t have time in their schedule. That is crazy since so many patients need more availability.

I am super thankful that God does take care of me. I was able to get an increase last year in my mental health.  And my fibromyalgia was given a rating of 40 percent.

I called the VA Whitehouse complaint line two weeks ago.  I made two complaints – the kiosk not working in the mental health area in the Springfield clinic and they need more mental health providers.

I did receive a call from I guess the head doctor from the Springfield VA Mental Health. He told me the kiosk does work and I said no it doesn’t.  This was a pretty lengthy conversation. I told him last year it did work with my other counselor. He said well she must have known to come out and get me. I said no really that makes no sense. Anyways, I tried checking in with the kiosk and didn’t notice it told me at the end I was in the wrong area.He said some providers have you sign in with the receptionists.  I was like why?????????????????????? I don’t like talking to the receptionist this increase my anxiety standing in line and then having to talk to the rude receptionist. Also, I had to grab my walker, which is painful to get out of my car. The line was usually long to check in which makes sense – people are leaving their appointments and needing a new appointment, and people have to check in. Then he said sometimes the counselor makes it so you can’t use the kiosk.  This is crazy!!!! He did say he could put in a referral to their outside providers. I told him I could do that. I did mention the article above and how the VA was not paying their bills, and I was worried I would be stuck with a bill. He said that he thinks they have worked the kinks out of the referral system. If I wanted to use someone I knew, then I may have to pay, but if I use their VA providers, I should not have to pay.  I told him I would, but after thinking about it, I’m not going to.  I don’t want to be stuck with a bill that the VA does not pay.

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