Burn Pit Exposure

Burn pit exposure is like agent orange in Vietnam.  The VA denied anything until 20 years later.  And even when they did a “study” it was horrible.  I signed up with them and they said they would contact me when they are ready. Not kidding. When they did I had other problems going on. So I’ll just have to get back to them.  They definitely did not take care of vets who had been exposed.

When I first moved back to Massachusetts I went on a date with someone who was a vet. They were telling me how bad they’re allergies were ever since they got back from being deployed.  Also, they had breathing problems too. This was my aha! moment. I realized I was not crazy.

I did some research when I got home and this was the first time I realized I had been exposed to burn pits during my last deployment. I always felt bad I couldn’t deploy but my platelets were too low and I would have bled out. I even tried getting waivers which were denied.

I think my low platelets where do to the burn pit exposure. I had them for more than 10 years. The only way I got rid of them was by having a hysterectomy.

Also, I remember going to the clinic when I was deployed for a bronchial  issue.  Then in Guam I had a sinus infection. I have had them chronically since.

Here is a link to over 300 deployed locations.  https://www.vetshq.com/burn-pit-locations/

Here is a list of conditions. https://www.vetshq.com/burn-pit-diseases-conditions/

Maybe the VA will start taking veterans more seriously after this judges ruling.  Who knows.


If you were exposed to burn pits below is the registry.  Please go and sign up. My hope is that the VA will give us the help we need.


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