Veteran Disability Claim

I belong to a Facebook group named Veteran 2 Veteran. If you are a veteran I suggest joining the group.  Great advice!

I learned a lot from reading other people post. I decided to file my Fibromyalgia claim December 2016.  The most a veteran can get right now is 40%.  I had symptoms of Fibromyalgia before I retired from the Air Force. I was not diagnosed until after I left the service.  In 2013 I was diagnosed at the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK. I went to get another opinion through a local doctor.

I moved from Oklahoma City to Agawam Massachusetts in 2015 and changed VA hospitals.  I finally applied for my Fibromyalgia claim in Nov 2016.  I submitted all of my doctors records that pertained to Fibromyalgia with the claim. VA hospital has a very easy way to pull records and save. So it makes it easier to send through VA ebenefits.

I had a C&P appointment beginning of December 2016.  Somehow I requested an increase in my Huntington Disease too. That was a mistake. I could never figure out why he was asking about the Huntington’s.  He didn’t really ask me much about the Fibromyalgia. I think do to my medical records.  I did mention I was exposed to burn pits. He did write that in the decision.

About two months later I was awarded 40 % disability rating for fibromyalgia.  When filing for a claim only submit one claim at a time. Answers will come faster doing it that way.


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