Overcoming the moment

How do I overcome the moment the thoughts come on to kill myself? You’re not worth it, nobody loves you. I look for hope.  Jesus never told us out life was going to be easy.  He did die for us and it was one of the cruelest death’s ever. But when those thoughts come on I’m not thinking rationally.

My counselor at the VA actually did a suicide checklist.  Basically, it makes you realize what’s important to you.  To me my dog is so important to me. Being single with no kids of my own, I realize that nobody is going to take care of Abe the way I take care of him. Find something that makes you realize living is worth.

I actually ask a couple of my friend’s for prayer.  I am so angry or depressed at the time so I am hoping their faith will get me through.  You don’t need to tell your friends exactly what is going on. Just tell them you need prayer.

One thing I do is take a walk. Get out of my house.  Now winter has made walking miserable for me so that doesn’t work right now. In the spring, summer and fall, I will take a walk with my dog Abe.

Go to a friend’s house.  This is another way to get out of your house. Again, this person doesn’t need to know what you are going through. This is just another attempt to stop the thoughts.

If all of these don’t work then I texted the VA 838255. It’s confidential so I don’t have to worry about my business being shared.  It gave me a moment of clarity. Next time I may try their online chat through this website.


If you are not a veteran then you can use this website. It looks like the have online chat too. I don’t always want to talk to someone.  So texting or chatting online works better for me. I feel embarrassed that I have these thoughts being anonymous helps me.

Text 741741


You can make your own check list. Find out what makes you able to stop the thoughts.  That will give you hope for a moment.


3 Replies to “Overcoming the moment”

  1. I prayed and will again for you. Someone I love dearly has attempted suicide and we must pray and believe God will protect him from these horrible thoughts, We love him so much but God loves him and YOU more than anyone ever could. Stay strong you are important. God bless you. I am following you and thank you for following me, I think you do. If not please follow me. I try to post to uplift others.


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